RoyalTS – a better RDP client

by techenet on April 10, 2007

Just when I think M$ has got it down – I run into another snag. I have one of my Terminal Servers setup on a different port other than 3389, and while the standard mstsc.exe client has the ability to do different ports using standard “xx.xx.xx.xx:3389” syntax, the Remote Desktops MMC snapin does not. This sucks because the snapin is what I use most on my main workstations so I can manage multiple RDP instances in one spot.

So I launched my trusty Firefox with the Google home page and found this nifty little tool: RoyalTS. It’s a third party RDP/TS manager that’s very reminiscent of the M$ MMC snap-in, but let’s me use alternative ports. It also lets you categorize connections in groups, say for different clients, and it alphabetizes the connections which some control over the order (whereas the M$ MMC snap-in only ordered them by order of creation) as well as lets you move them manually. The main site is supposedly found here but the link seemed down when I checked it so use the first link.

Be aware that you do need .Net 1.1 to install it.

EDIT – Found the author’s site

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