RoyalTS – small bug – but easy to get around

by techenet on April 10, 2007

So I’ve not been using RoyalTS all of like two hours. Good product and I love it, but there does seem to be one bug that ….well… bugs me. :p Now and again my mouse flickers whenever it’s anywhere in the RoyalTS workspace. It could be in a session or just in the managment window, but it continues to flicker for a time. I found this thread and it seems to be related to other sessions having screen savers running, that is to say, if one connected session has a screen saver running it causes the mouse flicker. I found that on one of my VMWare servers I had the console maximized which did in fact have a machine with a screen saver running. Strange bug, but definitely annoying.

I can see where if someone doesn’t have permissions to disable the screen saver on that affected session this could get very annoying – fortunately I do, so problem solved.

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