Do the Taskbar Shuffle

by techenet on June 19, 2009

Taskbar Shuffle is a great little FREE productivity program I ran across. Ironically, it’s not necessarily designed as a productivity app per se, it’s simply to drag and thereby arrange and move your open windows in the taskbar to different places.

As you can see, taskbarwindowsI often open several windows at a time, and also often more than 30 (did you know there’s a limit of about 45 windows give or take, open before your system wiggs out? yeah I’ve found that out before :p). UPDATE (06/19/09) – I have 61 windows open today and my PC is wiggin out – new windows just stop opening and existing ones will lock up – this behavior continues until I start closing windows down.)

My typical day involves, doing research, using web apps, etc – and as I do so, I like to keep the related windows together.  Sometimes I’ll start research on the web; have several Firefox windows open; open some more to work in my various web applications such as email, support ticket management, etc.;  and then have an Outlook Note or Notepad window or 10 open as well.  So to keep them together, I can now just drag the Notepad note back to where the group of Firefox windows are, thereby keeping my notes together with my research.  This also lets me keep whatever the current open note regarding recent calls and/or todos right at the front of all the open windows for easy access.

Amazing!  🙂

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