Evernote Collaboratory Excitement Ensues

by techenet on June 25, 2009

     Evernote announced today that they are beginning their long promised collaboration features.  Evernote, which I use heavily as my personal wiki replacement, allows on the fly clipping of web pages and articles, and is a great location for all my notes, pics, and just about any digital piece of information I can throw in there.

     But up until now, sharing this information was limited to an RSS feed or a widget which, while nice, aren’t that snazzy for real collaboration.  NOW, beginning with the web version, you can share notebooks and allow others to edit existing notes and create new ones.  This is huge, as Evernote could now be used with others I work with as a collaborative wiki.

     evernotesharing1  evernotesharing2

     An office could use Evernote to manage internal documents, how-tos, and even semi-random files – the possibilities are just now becoming clear.  Even more, you can link other people’s shared notebooks into your own list and view them normally.  However they still have yet to integrate this functionality into all of the desktop clients, such as Windows and Mac, but the fact they’re moving in that direction is awesome!

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