Palm Pre …mium Excitement

by techenet on June 26, 2009

palm-preThe Palm Pre has been out for awhile now, exclusively from Sprint. As a long time Palm fan, I’m going on my sixth Palm device over a ten year span, I was hoping beyond hope that Palm would pull their proverbial head out of their nethers and get something going. So far I am not disappointed as a recent romp at my local Sprint store toying with the new device, revealed it’s many capabilities. Not to mention its simple elegance.

However the number one transition factor has always been the ability to run my legacy Palm OS apps.  This is a must!  And fortunately, MotionApps has released the Classic for Pre emulator, which after much You Tube watching looks great.  STILL, this does not solve my problem as MotionApps has yet to include HotSync functionality in the emulator.  The obvious roadblock is that the Palm Pre does not use any kind of tethered synchronization, but instead completely synchronizes in the cloud.  This argument makes sense, except that I’ve been using Hotsync on my trusty Palm Treo 755p via Bluetooth AND over the internet for over a year now.  And while I’ve also read that Classic can’t access the Pre’s bluetooth stack, it DOES have access to the TCP stack or rather the internet connection.

     In any case, HotSync is now THE must have for me.  I’ve grown so accustomed to DateBk6 and Pocket Quicken for example, that to move away from them would be counter productive.

The following are my personally required apps for the Palm Pre:

     Now many of these are now found on the Pre.  Evernote recently announced their new Pre app, much to my overjoyousness, and indeed a Jott app much like the current iPhone one could even be enough to sway me…maybe.  But Hotsync; to keep Pocket Quicken, PocketBooks, and DateBk6; is the necessity.  I work out of Outlook and my other apps so often, that to not have that, and the versatility of DateBk6 would literally cutoff my mobile productivity.

     So until that HotSynchronous day…I wait…patiently…well maybe not too patiently – I do check my RSS feeds about every 5 minutes looking for an update.

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