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by techenet on July 10, 2009

sharingwithfriends     I’m really getting into sharing articles and things I find on the web with others.  Obviously I blog about things, but that also gets imported into my Facebook account.  In addition, I often use a Share On Facebook bookmarklet to grab cool stuff and share that on Facebook as well.  Recently I even connected my Digg account to Facebook for even faster sharing.

     But it’s still rather cumbersome to share quick little tidbits with my Tech-E readers, when it’s just something quick.  Enter the Press This bookmarklet.  Noel Jackson has a nice quick tutorial with video on how to use it here.

     My problem with the Press This bookmarklet wasn’t on how to use it, however, but that it simply didn’t work.  See I had tried this bookmarklet a few months ago and every time I clipped something it just gave me a 404 error.

Well, I’m happy to say, after a little Googling I found the solution: 

    This savvy WordPress user has posted the code, here’s his forum post:

Try this.

It has to do with the URI Encoding getting mixed up with the mod_rewrite…

the part where it says u=’+e(l.href)+’ change it to u=’+e(l.href.replace(/\//g,’\\/’))+’

via WordPress › Support » Press This 404 issue.

The short of it is this:

  • Add your Press This bookmarklet to you bookmark list (see the above mentioned tutorial for details)
  • Edit the new marklet (in Firefox on Windows for example you would right-click and then click Properties)
  • Now edit the Javascript codePressThisBookmarklet
    • I found it easiest to Copy all the code from the LOCATION field  and then paste this into Notepad
    • Do a Find/Replace for   u=’+e(l.href)+’   AND change that to  u=’+e(l.href.replace(/\//g,’\\/’))+’
    • Copy and Paste that code back into the LOCATION field of the bookmarklet (overwriting any text still in there) and Click Save Changes
  • Try it out – Works Great!
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