Dentists Forced To Market More As Appointments Dry Up

by WebWanderer on August 15, 2009

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We all need to buck up and get out there these days. Even industries where, in the past, clients and customers showed up at the door are now needing to reach out and draw people.

It’s time to reevaluate your marketing efforts – and might I suggest, that in additional to the time tested, looking at what technology has to offer for you? 🙂

Web sites, web marketing, Customer Relations Managers (CRM’s), etc. All these can help elevate your business.

The Wall Street Journal Reports that dentists are being forced to focus more on advertising, since their regular and recurring appointments are decreasing.

The WSJ writes In the slowdown, even dentists are feeling the pinch.David Wong, who runs a private practice with his wife in Tulsa, Okla., has seen his business slip 10% since the beginning of this year. That has him spending more time marketing and less time cleaning or pulling teeth.

Dr. Wong has upped his advertising, taking advantage of low newspaper and broadcast rates, and now sends email reminders to customers on top of traditional mailed postcards. He is even on Twitter, aiming to connect with customers as “not just the guy in a white coat with a drill in his hand.”

“It’s a lot more work,” he admits. “You can’t go to the office and just be a dentist anymore; you have to go to the office and be a dentist and a CEO.”

Jim Blasingame and I were recently discussing on his radio show Small Business Advocate how this recession will force, even more so, small businesses to rethink their entire business and in particular their marketing to customers.

This means that business MUST market smarter and more. They must do more to RETAIN customers (capture their contact information, sell to them much more targeted, etc).

Here’s my take on some tips and resources you should take advantage of.

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