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by techenet on August 4, 2009

facebook-twitterFor being technologically inclined, and frankly, a major techno-geek; I’m a little slow to adopt new social networking aspects.  I only got on Facebook last year, and that was just because most of my family and friends had already joined and were using it, and I just joined Twitter last week.  I haven’t really done much with it though, I’m just following a couple of people.

But one thing I’ve struggled with is the idea of how can Social Networking really help a business locally, or rather a local business?  Can these tools be made to help the mom and pop shops down the road?

     And now we arrive to my inspiration for today, I was visiting a local eatery called Sweetly Divine, a great little pastry/sandwich shop, and they had one of those LED display signs, and on that sign was scrolling (I’m paraphrasing) “Follow me on Twitter ChefMarek

     At first I thought, “huh, that’s”  But almost instantly after that it struck me as genious.  Here’s a small bakery that serve’s soups, pastries, sandwiches, etc.  If people follow them on Twitter, they could announce new creations, new soups of the day, what’s fresh, what’s hot, etc.  It actually made sense!

     So there you have it.  My first epiphany of how Social Networking could be used in a local, even small town, setting.

Here’s my twitter feed too –

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