ToDo Lists and Procrastination

by techenet on September 7, 2009

to-doToo often I fall in the rut off too much to do and not the will to do it.  I plan, plan some more, and there’s generally plenty of time for that planning to come to fruition; however then the dreaded procrastination monster appears and has me surfing Digg, or rearranging my Netflix queue, instead of doing what I had already planned.

A common approach to this is the Getting Things Done by David Allen.   One of the core concepts is breaking things down into manageable steps.  The idea being that if your tasks is to “Finish the Broadbent project” there are too many implied steps within there that you’ll end up procrastinating.  Whereas if you break it down into several steps, the first being say: “Gather Broadbent project information,” followed by “Call Broadbent assistant for appointment,” that these are more doable and less likely to be put off.

A good summary of these steps can be found over at OrganizeIT.  A great site that I follow often.

I find myself confronting all three scenarios on a regular basis, and the precepts of GTD help me to deal each in its own realm.

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