Last man out – Windows Mobile 7 too little too late?

by techenet on October 10, 2009

WinMo7     For those following the mobile phone arena, news that Windows Mobile 7 is pushed back to late 2010 has come to the scene.  Personally this doesn’t interest me too much because very few of my clients or users are even interested in Windows Mobile devices.

     The top picks right now seem to be iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm Pre; depending on the business and industry.  Of course the provider has a lot to do with the decision as well as a user on Sprint wouldn’t be able to get an iPhone.

     But Windows Mobile just doesn’t seem to be on the radar and, frankly, I don’t see why it should be.  I suppose there are corporate reasons, such as special apps or databases, but there really aren’t any compelling necessities for any of the small businesses I work with.  And small business technology in general just doesn’t seem to gravitate to them.

     In my view, corporate smartphones still revolve around Blackberry’s and even small businesses can get large value from Blackberry fleets if they find a good mail provider that allows BES access.  Beyond that, the “fancy” features are what business owners and mobile users are looking for these days, and those are found in the iPhone and Palm Pre.

     But then again, Windows Mobile 7 does look pretty snazzy and if all the above mentioned vendors don’t keep up, maybe the behemoth of Microsoft has a chance.

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