Evernote Heaven for the Palm Pre

by on January 12, 2010

evernotepalmpreFinally!  Finally, Evernote has a reliable and useful client for the Palm Pre.

I’ve been using a Palm Pre since about August 2009, and one of the main reasons for switching from my trusty Palm Treo 755p was the allure of web applications and, frankly, being able to manage my Evernote notes on the go.  For Evernote’s part, I’ve been a user since about the end of 2008, and I’ve wanted a mobile solution since even before that for my then personal wiki (which was migrated into Evernote).  So a mobile personal information solution is a long time coming.

Now to Evernote’s credit, they came out with a Palm Pre app right around the Pre’s launch and were one of the first app developers.  But this app, well, this app was horrible.  Disconnections, unreliability, inability to browse tags, all these things made it relatively useless.  I had such a hard time getting it logged in, and once I added several notes full of multimedia files to Evernote late last year, well, it never worked on my Pre again.

Until now!  Happy Day!  Not only does the new Evernote Palm Pre 1.0 client work, it works pretty well.  Tags are now browseable, meaning I can click the tags field and see all my tags to select from them.  Saving notes is somewhat more seamless.  Even checklists have been enabled for on the go checklisting.  Now I won’t be moving my GTD checklists over to Evernote, but for recurring lists like camping, building a new PC, or even ingredients for a recipe; ie. anything that is recurring that you just flow through the list over and over; this is great.

In addition, image handling is improved.  I can now add photos or take photos right from the client and instantly tag, file, and remark on what I’m filing.

So Thank You Evernote.  Thank you Phil, thank you Dave, and thank you Andrew.  There’s still a lot to improve as I’m sure you know, like offline folders similar to the iPhone version ;), but this is a huge step; nay, a major step to my dream of my mobile personal information solution.

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