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by on May 13, 2010

facebook_logoHave you heard?  Facebook has added a Like button that can be used on sites across the internet.  What does this mean?  It means Facebook users can Like a site and have that show up in their profiles.  It means Facebook can slowly gather data on what users are doing, liking, and viewing.

Why is this important?  Because Facebook will have fresh, piping hot data on all it’s users.

Privacy – From this standpoint it scares me.  I don’t want Facebook to have that much data on me.  I don’t want Google to have that much data on me.  Frankly, I don’t want anyone to have that much data on me.  However, as time goes on, I think I’m accepting that these organizations will have that data.  Why?  Because I’m into technology and I like to use all the cool new things.

But here’s the thing.  Whether or not I want them to have that data is immaterial.  Because many, many others don’t care.  And all that data for all those individuals WILL be gathered and will be used.  So why not for me?

Marketing – So what does this mean?  It means that not only will Facebook start gathering data on all these potential consumers, but it will be relatively live and fresh data.  From a marketing standpoint this is HUGE.  This means that as a small business, you can target to your demographics, and it will fresh demographics.
What’s more, since people talk about what they’re doing, and places they like, this data is often local.  Which means if you’re a local small business, you can target consumers right in your area.  Have a flower show?  Reach your customer base.  Do you serve Indian cuisine?  Reach your customer base.

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